The Developer’s Notebook: Articles by Shirish Koirala

  • How to Backup Your Goals to Google Drive in Lifetime Goals App

    In recent years, a substantial number of requests have been received from users to incorporate a backup feature into the application. While the application currently lacks an automated cloud-based synchronization mechanism for backing up goals, a manual backup feature has always been available. This functionality enables users to manually create backups of their goals within…

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  • How to extract multi-part zip into same folder in Mac

    TLDR; To extract a multi-part zip file on a Mac: When downloading a large file from Google Drive, one may receive multiple ZIP files depending on the directory’s size. I had some old projects saved on Google Drive that I wanted to download. I downloaded them and received multiple ZIP files. When I extracted one…

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  • Simplify Icon Usage in Android with the Fontawesome Android Library

    TLDR; GitHub repository Introduction If you are like me and don’t really know how to design a UI and mostly rely on default UI views? Then you will love this library. I created this for a personal project and wanted to share with the world. On doing so I learned how to publish a package…

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